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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 20, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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to remove his pants, she left. another time at dinner, she says he told her, let's cut to the chase. i have a private room upstairs where we can have the rest of our meal. she declined that offer. the producer, currently in treatment for sex adick, said through a spokes perso s -- se addiction said through a spokesperson, mr. wine stin has a different recollection. sean young says weinstein harassed her. >> the minute you actually stand up for yourself in hollywood, you're the craze ski one. >> 46 women came forward. including one who propted an lapd investigation. the alengsed victim, a 38-year-old italian actress is not being identify bid name. her attorney spoke to reporters. >> this victim described to the
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lapd extremely serious sexual assault and a rape. >> reporter: weinstein's spokes person says, quote, mr. weinstein cannot speak to to anonymous al fwags. he une quifly denies allegations of nonconsensual sex. ed sheeran has been public about the bicycle accident that left him with two broken arms. he's canceled konsers too. >> there's a far more serious struggle he's kept quiet about until now. his secret battle with substance abuse. ♪ >> i chain-smoked. a drunk a lot, a lot of alcohol. and ate very unhealthily. i cut 70% of that out. i still do all those things. i needed to rod rate. >> reporter: always an open book with "e.t." when discussing his decision to cut back on drinking. ed says his struggles went deeper. he says, quote, all the pitfalls
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that people read about i just found myself slipping into all of them. mostly substance abuse. it starts off as a party. then you're doing it on your own. so that was a walk-up call. sheeran says that's why he decided to take a year off from his career and focus on himself. ♪ ♪ i'm in love with your body >> reporter: ed credits the time away and his girlfriend of over two years, cherry seaborn for helping pull him out of the cycle. he said she inspired many of his songs. >> there she is. >> reporter: is this the lady? is she the one? >> i feel good about it. it's really positive. i feel really good. . >> reporter: sometimes that kind of giant superstardom can be hard on a person. i'm not mad at the honesty. >> i like a man who works on himself. >> we're also keeping our eye on the health of two more big
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stars. >> absolutely. how much do we love julia lieu we dry f -- louis-dreyfus. >> i was diagnosed with epilepsy. >> reporter: the 60-year-old said she was diagnosed six years ago. >> i had a grandmal seizure. thought brought me back to the boat. i had another seizure and i went back. >> reporter: speaking at a women's brain health initiative panel. she says the seizures were triggered by the stresses of everyday life. she was still married at the time. >> i haven't had a seizure for four years. but i also got divorced. which, i think, is the real healer for me. >> reporter: meanwhile, four weeks after her breast cancer diagnosis, julia liouis-dreyfus gave up an update.
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this photo of herself looking tough with her pencilled in mustache and declaring, che chemonumber 2, finito. she quoted katie forry's roar. she was roaring. >> she had a malfunction. she handled it the way you would think she would. because she's a pro. >> the first time i'm stuck in space. put your phone up because it's a youtube moment. >> it hit youtube. perry was stuck for about 90 seconds. >> some jokes. should i tell some stories. should i just sing another song. >> she got down. >> a surprise early 33rd birthday party, featuring her dog, nugget. >> happy birthday. >> now to katy's frenemy.
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♪ you're so gorgeous >> reporter: she has a reputation for writing about exes. this one seems to be about her boyfriend of eight months. ♪ got drunk and made fun of the way you talk ♪ >> reporter: did she eye him while dating another man. ♪ i got a boyfriend he's older than us he's in the club doing i don't know what ♪ >> reporter: that likely refers to ex, calvin harris. does swift's song feature a guest? >> from jane, the 2-year-old daughter of blake lively and ryan reynolds. speaking of babies, are gwen and blake trying for one? >> do you see yourself having more kids? >> nice try. >> a source tells "e.t." blake is dieing to be a father. and gwen would loving in more than to give blake his first
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child. >> the kids adore you. does it spark a paternal indingt in you? >> i don't know. >> come on, blake. you would be a fun dad. >> they have lauren alaina. and lauren's love for plak goes back before idol days. look how young she is. >> it's so sweet. now she's 22 years old and featured on kane brown's single, what if. he's on top of all five of billboard's charts. kane and lauren's connection goes back further than that. ♪ what if i was made for you and you were made for me ♪ >> reporter: kane and lauren actually grew open together in georgia. >> we were awkward kids. we were from a small town. the whole experience. >> reporter: in less than two years, the 23-year-old went from working at fedex and posting songs on facebook to being nominated for an acm award. and he's about to celebrate
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another big milestone. his upcoming wedding with fiance caitlin next fall. ♪ everybody's talking about heaven like they just can't wait to go ♪ >> how is the wedding planning going? >> um, she's doing it. i'm saying yes. >> that's the correct answer. does your fee yan aget emotional with your music? >> she did over a song i wrote for her call what's mine is yours. ♪ what's mine is yours played it like 50 times. i got tired of it. >> you to rock out the your own music? >> oh, yeah. i get in the car. like to drive. listen to the songs. see if i jam out to it. would anybody else? >> one thing we would never guess by looking at you. >> i'm not a rapper. >> i bet he could rap, too. >> probably can. >> you can see more of his interview in certified country.
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up next, justin timberlake's special serenade. their supersweet way he celebrated his anniversary with jessica biel. plus, meet mel gibson's lookalike son. why he just now decided the follow in dad's footsteps. >>
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several stars were sipg champagne cocktails in l.a. we
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♪ ♪ i love you for my life well, thank you very much, justin timberlake for putting all of us husbands to shame.
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i mean, come on. he poured his heart out to his wife, jessica biel, for their fifth anniversary. >> listen to what he wrote. to my beautiful jessica biel. you have taught me so much about what a true love means. >> come on, man! i got to step up my game. jessica responded with this, my tender heart is yours, now and until forever. an upcoming star in search of mrs. right. and if milo gibson looks familiar, it's because the whole world knows his famous father. >> good morning, sunshine. >> reporter: those blue eyes. the chiselled jaw. milo has starred in six movies in two years. but didn't follow in his dad's footsteps right away. >> after i graduated high school, i became a massage therapist. did that for two years. decided to go into elect trix yan's business. i did that for five years. >> reporter: milo is single and has also done some modeling for magazines like "w." he's the sixth child of mel and ex-wife robyn and says his childhood was kind of normal.
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growing up, we didn't see you on the red carpets. were you kept out of the the public eye? >> think as much as possible. think my parents tried to do that for us. it's not fun to get hounded by paparazzi. >> we do this. we do it my way. >> reporter: he's an action star in "all the devil's men." he shot his first love scenes in the rom-com "breaking and exiting." and is the notorious al capone in "gangsterland." >> i'm al capone. you better remember me! >> reporter: and milo was directed by his dad in the world war ii drama "hacksaw ridge." >> how many? >> 32 only came down, sir. >> it was fun working with him. it was a very actor-director relationship. not like a father-son. though i'm sure calm of times, he threw out a couple of jokes on the loud speaker. he had to. >> reporter: the piercing blue eyes. just the way he speaks, the cadence, it's uncanny.
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still ahead, tom selleck celebrates a tv milestone. does he have a special movie in mind? what he's saying about a followup. and "this is us" star justin hartley stripping down the give stressed out moms some holiday cheer. only we have a behind-the-scenes look at his sexy santa movie role. >> i got a kick out of it. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ action! >> wrk hoo! >> he's planking with over 200 pounds on his back right now. that's amazing. "this is us" star justin hartley what he does on the day off. >> i gotta bow down. >> from the woman who knows her planks. >> justin is doing a lot more on "bad moms christmas."
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>> i love santa claus. and there are so many of them. >> first of all, doing a comedy is wonderful. you're laughing all day long. and -- to be part of that cast, those powerhouse women, i have to say -- >> put a baby in me, santa number 2. >> reporter: this sexy santa brings a lot of cheer to these moms stressed over the holidays. ♪ >> reporter: the 40-year-old was the perfect casting choice. >> i don't want to make a huge deal out of this, but i'm kind of dating one of these guys. >> shut up. which one? >> santa number 2. >> oh. >> it was like, hi, how are you, good to meet you, and, legs go up and here we go. let's do this. >> reporter: kathryn, mila, and kristen need to blow off steam while trying to make christmas perfect for their families. >> action! >> it's just what we, as women, have to deal with during the six days leading up to christmas. the hell of getting christmas perfect. >> moms are stressed.
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and they swear. and they want to have wine sometimes. and that's okay. >> to christmas. >> our way. >> every mom needs a little bit of time off. >> who cares if you burn a cookie. >> reporter: and if things weren't amped up enough, the moms' moms show up trying to top them all. >> please welcome, the chicago all saints choir. ♪ yes >> whether you're the stay at home mom, the working mom, the mom that has it all, it allows you to go they get me. i'm not a mom and i feel like you get me. let's go from bad moms to old school dads. it's been nearly 30 years since "three men and baby" was released in theaters. >> everybody wants to know would they consider getting the bad dad band back together again? fingers crossed. ♪ good night sweetheart well it's time to go ♪ >> if they can do a good story
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and a good script, not a comic book sequel, i'm there. >> i think three men and a bride is a great movie. tom wans to do it. ted wans to do it. >> reporter: since all three men are ready to roll, with on camera chemistry that's been solid since "e.t." was on the set in 1987 -- >> look at this. >> reporter: -- why no part three? >> i think somebody new came in at disney. every time a new person comes in, they have to throw out all the old idea zplps we made two really cute movies. i think we all have to move on now. >> reporter: tom is busy with his day job, his hit, "blue bloods." was just honored at paleyfest, as it topped tom's other '80s classic, "magnum p.i." >> this business is like baseball. if you succeed three times out of ten, you're a superstar. danny, everything you need is right here. >> reporter: fans
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are still reeling from the show's season premiere that donnie's wife had died. a shock that left his real-life wife jenny mccarthy in tears. >> i cried my eyes out. >> it's on instagram. >> she's dead. >> oh. >> and i feel bad for him. >> aw. >> i think they deserve a couples get away. and i think you know the perfect place. >> i do. it's the homeland of nicole kidman and russell crowe. the land down under. specifically, australia's whitsundays islands. i was stoke frd the adventure of a lifetime. we arrived in the whitsundays, it's so incredibly beautiful. here's the question, how much can i fit in to 48 hours? 74 idyllic islands, stretched between the coast of queensland, australia, and the
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great barrier reef. i'm in vaca heaven. first stop, check in at the qualia resort. where taylor swift and chris hemsworth stay. yeah, that thor's got nothing on my. next up, my chopper awaits. we just touched down what feels like in the middle of the ocean. but we're here on the great barrier reef. what do you do when you're here? you scuba dive. a round of golf -- and it was time to hit the beach. my ride? the 140-foot superyacht, "quantum." now i know why they call i had white haven beach. it's out of this world. part of the last "pirates of the caribbean" movie was shot right here. day two, and i'm ready to take a walk, or ride, on the wild side. atvs. water sports. and the wildlife park. like the rest of the
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whitsundays, it's back in business after cyclone debbie hit earlier this year. >> this is freddie. our second oldest resident. >> the fact that his feathers are sticking up, is he about to take? >> no, he's just more alert. he might want to potentially mate with you, and stuff like that. >> oh, there's a chance i could get lucky here. i don't like to brag, buddy, but i'm getting attention from freddy. what can i say? freddy and i. we had a special thing. >> i knew the women loved you. but now, the parrots? >> i felt good about myself. i'm not going to lie. listen,ky not say enough about all of the amazing things the whitsunday islands have to offer. it's unbelievable. there's something for everyone. >> or someone, like freddie. >> wow. you're not going let it go. coming up, a minione-direction reunion on "ellen." that's next. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: more than a week after fire devastated parts of santa rosa ... residents in the some of the hardest hit areas return home to see what is left. plus ... a bay area dentist, the latest target of hate.the disturbing message spraypainted on his office.i'm steve aveson i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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all right. you want my help? there's going to be conditions. >> what? >> i want to be transferred out of here. >> joey lawrence is back on "hawaii 5-0." >> i want to stay in fancy hotel suite with a japanese toilet that stoings you. >> reporter: it's the 41-year-old's second time on the the drama. his youngest brother has a recurring role. >> playing a superbad guy. it's a lot of fun. >> what are you doing? >> whoa, whoa, whoa, how am i supposed to use the japanese toilet?
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promo considerations provided by -- before we go, one direction apt niall horan had a minireunion with harry styles today. >> ellen loves to scare her guests. who better to make niall jump than harry lookalike. >> we see each other all the time. now at eight ... i went up to the front door it was a fireman and he said you guys have to get out of here now. starting over at age 98: a world war two veteran loses his home to the wine country's tough, to look at all this stuff and it's all laying here burntwhooshtonight stories of loss and resilience as families are allowed back into burned out neighborhoods. i'm like in a nightmare.the fire stopped at this street...
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homes on the other side, untouched.i gotta new middle name -- it's called lucky. " whooshand this nine year old santa rosa girl lost her proestehic legs in the fire. now she can walk again, thanks to the kindness of excited are you to get your blades back?"i am super, super, super, super, super excited">you're watching kron four news in prime time. (steve) residents return to ruins. as for the first time...many are being allowed back into devastated north bay neighborhoods. this as we learn toll of destruction has risen. 84-hundred homes and structures have been burned. (steve) thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. (pam) and i'm pam moore. tonight many people are still under evacuation orders... and unable to go home.(steve) that includes the mark west springs road area of santa rosa. neighbors there


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